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In Search of The Ultimate Kitchen

Looking to renovate your kitchen? Don’t know where to start, who to use or what look you even want to go for. We’ve got you covered with some of the coolest kitchens on the market that you can use for inspiration.

How about this Dutch Kitchen?

Dutch Kitchen

This kitchen is a classic, with a great chandelier and blue stone columns this one is sure to impress the grandparents.

Looking for more of a modern feel?

modern feel

How about this bad boy with its almost marine type look? It combines a lot of metal with wood and concrete to create the kitchen of the future.

How about a farm kitchen?

wooden kitchen

This kitchen was converted from a horse stable, can you believe. If you like wood, its certainly has a homely appeal.

Now this one is certainly retro, and probably my favourite. Check out this yacht inspired kitchen complete with wooden planking.


Ok so you have some inspiration for your dream kitchen. But what happens when you want to get said kitchen installed? Well, that’s where you need to bring in some professional kitchen installers. These are people who will do the job right, some of them can even help you with design and sourcing the appliances to help you save money.

We hope you have gained some ideas for some very cool kitchen designs from this post. Until next time.

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