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“Nadine came in and showed my closet no mercy! She made me get rid of things that I hadn't worn for years that I had been holding on to, and also helped me breathe new life into the clothes that I already had. I am excited for her to come back next season and help me figure out what I need...and what I don't need!” –Meredith F.

“I hate to sound like a cheesy Direct Response commercial but Nadine and Liz really changed my life and how I feel about myself. I have recently had a baby, moved countries and feel I am a different person than I was a couple of years ago (i.e. older, wiser, bigger waistline). Nadine and Liz swept in, went through my closet with speed and precision, made me try on things so many different ways, in ways I had never considered. So, all in all, I was hugely impressed by three things:

1. They really seemed to be into what they were doing and enjoyed every bit of the afternoon (please note I am just an ordinary person, not some size 0 celebrity they are dressing for the red carpet).

2. They never once tried to sell me anything from their store. The exercise really was what they promised—looking at my closet to see how I could come up with a variety of different looks.

3. They were super professional in the follow-up, as well. They sent me the pictures, and recommendations to things I should consider buying to round out my clothes, etc.

All in all its been the best gift I ever gotten. Now, all I have to figure out is how to get them to move into my closet!” –Puja