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A closet full of clothes with nothing to wear: it’s every woman’s dreaded reality. Now, the Mick Margo style team has heard your fashion 911 call and are ready to fix any crisis of closet you can throw our way.

Nadine Ferber, owner of Mick Margo, has been helping women get dressed by outfitting them with new clothes and accessories each season for the past 5 years. However, the major problem that each shopper encounters is how to incorporate new purchases into their existing ardrobes. To bring it all together, we sometimes need a fresh view on our closets, hence the launch of Mick Margo styling services for the modern urban woman.

A Mick Margo stylist will come to your home and spend time going through your closet, helping you make the difficult decisions about what to keep around and what is better off as a donation to Goodwill. Next, we’ll create outfits around your favorite pieces, giving you looks from your very own closet that you never even knew you had. We’ll also have you try on clothes so that we can advise you on the most flattering shapes for your body type and colors for your skin tone. Sometimes, we just need an honest opinion on what looks good on us. This will also arm you with the proper knowledge for your future shopping trips to prevent you from making as many buying blunders as you might have in the past. And it will leave you walking out of the house more comfortable in your fashion choices from that day forward.

Before the Mick Margo style team departs, they’ll leave you with pictures of each of the looks created that day, making getting dressed a bit easier. We’ll create looks according to your needs, whether you need new looks for work, going out or just something casual for the weekend. As the seasons and trends change, we’ll help you update items from past seasons giving you a few tips on what to add to your wardrobe so you can maintain your claim as “the fashionable one” amongst your friends.

Choose from hourly, half-day, or full-day consultations with Nadine and her fellow Mick Margo stylist, Liz Figenshu. And, of course, we can create something entirely customized to suit your needs. Prices start at $150. Styling is currently offered in the New York City area and vicinity only.

Questions? Call 212.463.0515 or email us at

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